Do Smart Drugs (Nootropics) Work?

Do Smart Drugs Work (Nootropics)
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Do Smart Drugs (Nootropics) Work?

In today’s world, people want to act fast. Life is moving fast and people must be able to cope up with the changing world. Gone are the days when people could slack off from the task. One has to move, think, and act fast or else you will be pushed back. It is possible to do it so fast? For some special people, it is not difficult to perform effortlessly so fast. But, for most of the individuals have such exceptional fast speed and non-tiring capabilities are just difficult.

However, it may be difficult to be so proactive in this changing world but it sure is possible. Here comes the concept of nootropics. People from many years have been making use of nootropics. Some of them are found in nature like caffeine, green tea, etc. But the demand of the nootropics has led to the synthetic production of these effective elements. So, for many years people have been synthesizing nootropic drugs that have the same capabilities as the natural ones.

Many people believe in the capabilities of these drugs while others don’t. Now, as per the studies conducted by many scientists and researchers, the effects of cognitive components do exist. The proper use of these substances can increase brain function and make a person more productive.

These drugs have nootropic substances in them and are also called smart drugs because this is what they do. They help in increasing brain capabilities. These drugs are not addictive but its good effects are. This means the drug is so good that one would want to have these capabilities all the time.

The milder version of nootropics is safe for the use of all the people. But, people suffering from ADHD and narcolepsy are given a specific dosage for their treatment. However, the right dosage is set by the doctor. Or else there can be many side effects in case of abusive usage of the drug.

The drug is used by people belonging from various fields ranging from athletes to coders to businessmen. However, the right dosage of the drug is important as deviating from the safe limit can have many negative effects. People are still debating about the capabilities of these substances. Some people think they actually work whereas some people are not so sure of its qualities. So, to get clarity on this subject, keep reading.

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are brain enhancing substances that improve the cognition of the brain. The concept of nootropics dates backs to centuries ago. One of the first Smart Pills was developed fifty years ago. The producer of the drug did not know the actual mechanism of the work. But, he believed the drug was capable of providing many brain functions. So, these drugs basically help in increasing the mental capability of a person.


The basic use of smart drugs is to enhance the alertness of a person. It can reduce the lethargy of a person. It can also help in keeping the mind active and warding off the sleep. Especially for people suffering from various sleeping issues. The drug can keep off the sleep sue to narcolepsy and sleep apnea. These drugs have to be used in a restricted dosage only.

The right dosage will be set by the doctor. The excessive use of the drug is strictly restricted as it can result in various issues. For people who experience weird symptoms after using this drug must report to the doctor as soon as possible.

The most important thing to note is that these medications cure the excess sleep caused by disorders. But, it does not cure the sleeping disorders. Therefore, one must take the necessary and appropriate medication for the same. Also, one must not use these medications as a substitute for sleep.

The main purpose of such medications is to stay awake under necessary conditions and situations. It can be used for curing the sleep due to narcolepsy, sleep apnea, etc. this medication is not given alone as a treatment for lethargy. Most of the time, the drugs are coupled with therapy and other medical treatments.

In most of the cases, smart drugs ward of sleepiness by balancing the chemicals of the brain. The drug works for night shifters by letting them stay alert during their shift. All you have to do is to take these medicines before the shift. This way, a night shift worker can stay up the whole time and sleep after the shift ends.

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Do nootropics work?

As per many studies conducted on the drug and people consuming it. It has been seen that the drug is effective and can help in increasing brainpower. However, not much research has been done on how safe these drugs are in the long run. Also, these drugs can saturate in the body. This means that if a person has been taking these drugs for very long, then a person may become neutral to its effects. It has nothing to do with the medicine with the resistance of the body. After some time, the body gets used to the drug.

Buying Nootropics

There are various types of nootropics available in the market. Some of the medications that can be used are:


  • One has to be aware of any allergies caused due to this medication. These pills have many components in it. And you must check for all the possible allergies to be sure.
  • When you tell your doctor about the usage of this medication, be clear about your health and medications. Tell about all the medical conditions you are suffering from. And give the list of medicines you are currently on.
  • People suffering from the following disorders must be careful when taking this medication:
  • irregular heartbeat
  • mitral valve problem
  • heart attack
  • enlarged heart
  • chest pain
  • The drug should not be used continuously for a long time.

Side Effects

Some of the side effects that one has to report to the doctor on experiencing are listed below:

  • Hypersensitivity
  • Difficulty in passing urine
  • Headache
  • Fever and chills
  • Black or tarry stools
  • Chest pain
  • Confusion
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Unusual bleeding or bruising
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Irregular heart rhythm
  • Pounding or fast heartbeat
  • Mood changes
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Hallucinations
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Acute dizziness
  • Itching
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Rash
  • Trouble breathing
  • Swelling of throat, tongue, face


These drugs are effective in increasing the functioning of the brain. But, this is not all. One has to care about the overall pattern and functioning of the body and brain. These substances will be more effective if a person also maintains good health, sleeps as per requirement, manages stress, etc.

Modafinil and Armodafinil both are known as Smart Drugs (Nootropics):
  • Modafinil is the generic version of the Modalert, Modaheal, Modafresh, and Vilafinil, etc.
  • Armodafinil is the Generic Version of the Waklert and Artvigil.

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