Are all medications are safe and effective?

We have different types of health care medicines which are safe. You can purchase them according to your body needs and take the benefits.

What is the duration till the time medicine will arrive?

Once you have placed your order, the package will take around 10-14 business days. At times you can get your medicine even before the date mentioned.

What is the expiry date of medicine after reaching to me?

All the medicines which you are purchasing with us hold the maximise time of 6 months. You can make use of the medicine within the stipulated time.

What are the different countries you are covering to assist?

Smartfinil can serve across different countries like UK, France and the USA.

How can I track my order once placed?

With the help of the ID, you can track your order online with us.

Can I cancel my order once placed?

Yes, there is a probability to cancel your order in the case if it is not dispatched.

I have received the wrong parcel what can I do in that case?

If you have received the wrong parcel then you can call us or email us. There will be a small formality you need to go with. Once done you will be liable to get your right order.

Is there a way to correct the wrong added email address?

Yes, there is a way to correct your email, but here you need to undergo the entire registration process again.