Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression
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The Difference between Anxiety and Depression?

Anxiety and Depression are said to be interrelated. There is a new conclusion that researchers are being a part of. Anxiety and Depression are not considered two different medical conditions but two sides of the same medical condition. These researches show a relationship between the two and how they are related to each other.

The most important question that arises is. Are you depressed or anxious?

In a world of medicines, anxiety and depression are treated in two different ways and are known to be different from each other. But if you come into the real world and analyze people, then we can say that people who suffer from depression also suffer from anxiety. Most of these disorders faced by men can be said to be a mixture of both anxieties as well as depression.

A part where both anxiety, as well as depression, exist together is referred to as comorbidity and is a very serious issue to deal with. Having Anxiety or Anxiety Disorder makes depression a more serious problem. It affects the working of a person at work and in different relationships and can definitely increase the risk of suicide in a person. They are known to be two sides of the same coin by David Barlow.

The genetics of both these drugs are the same but have overlapping neurology. The biological, as well as the psychological nature of both these conditions, are known to be the same. People who are vulnerable are more anxious in life and get stressed in life easily. For some other people, they just fall into the pit of depression.

There are many mental professors who find it very difficult to distinguish between the two mental conditions as they look alike up to a great extent. It might be surprising for you to know that the medicine that works for anxiety also seems to work for depression.

There is some Cognitive behavioral therapy that follows the response which is central to both the conditions. Some of the drugs that are used against depression are also used for anxiety. The drug intake of the patient depends on the tolerance level of the patient and the symptoms associated with a patient.

CBT, as well as medication both, are known to be equally effective for conditions such as depression and anxiety. But CBT is known to be a better option as it prevents relapse of this condition. This therapy comes with a great extent of satisfaction and is definitely more empowering.

Patients who take CBT for anxiety and depression are much more successful in combating depression. There are some researches that show that CBT has the ability to generate new brain circuits that can present the dysfunction response of the brain.

Anxiety and Use of Etizolam

The drug Etizolam works in a similar way, just like the rest of the benzodiazepine. This drug is known to target different neurotransmitters called gamma-aminobutyric acid. This helps in slowing down the nerve impulse and increase its production. This drug is known to be one of the most prescribed medications for depression and is also used by people who have anxiety issues.Buy Etizolam Online

The working of Etizolam is very selective and helps in the development of specific receptors that are present in the brain of a person. There are various studies that show the effectiveness of this medicine. This drug is definitely more potent than Valium and has much fewer side effects.

Consuming this drug keeps the symptoms of depression and anxiety at bay and has very few side effects associated with it. One of the most common side effects that are associated with this medicine include drowsiness and it is something that people should take into account.

There is also an association of addiction when it comes to this medicine and it is associated with severe withdrawal symptoms. Both Valium and Etizolam are considered to be a short term solution and is not something that people should consider for a long period of time.

How does Etizolam work?

The drug Etizolam works by depressing the central nervous system of a person. This drug is known to be 10 times more potent than diazepam as it has fewer side effects associated with it. This drug is not legal to use in the United States of America. However, there are markets in India, Japan, and Italy where these medicines are available. This drug is known by the following name:

  1. Etizolam 1mg
  2. Etilaam
  3. Etizest
  4. Etizex
  5. Etifine

Abused Etizolam

This drug has not been granted in the United States of America and is not a regular medicine that a doctor would prescribe to you. This drug is available online and people can get their hands on this medicine. This drug is very dangerous and risky to use without talking to your physician about it.

It is an oral drug that is taken with a glass of water. This drug has a tendency to be addictive and there are people who just crush this medicine and snort it.

The risk behind the abuse of Etizolam

The drug Etizolam has risks associated with it. It is very important to avoid overdose caused by this medicine. Having an overdose of this medicine can be very fatal in nature as it has a tendency to suppress the entire central nervous system. This drug caused the death of around 6500 deaths.

How to take Etizolam?

Etizolam drug is taken by swallowing it. There are some reports that show that this medicine has been injected and taken anally by patients. Some people take this medicine by crushing it and that is something that is considered to be quite fatal. Taking this medicine like that has a tendency to cause vein collapse because of the poor circulation of blood. This results in regular bruising and infection as the body of a person becomes more susceptible to these side effects.

How does Etizolam feel?

Taking this drug can make a person feel a certain way. They are listed below:

  1. It slows the brain of a person
  2. It makes the user feel relaxed and calm which can help him in getting proper sleep.
  3. It helps people with fits
  4. It can cause short term memory loss in a person
  5. If you are someone who is taking heavy doses of this medicine, it can cause a person to be forgetful.
Getting help through Etizolam

There are people who need help with their anxiety and depression and for that, they start taking Etizolam even though these drugs are not properly tested. There are people who consider looking at the positive effects of this drug more than the negative effects and that is why they prefer this medicine.

Other Medications for Anxiety Disorder:

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