Alcohol Affecting Sex Life

Alcohol Affecting Sex Life
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Alcohol with Sex Life

Sometimes the presence of a foreign body in the body such as alcohol can ruin the sex life of a person.

There are many who don’t want to believe in it. But this can be explained logically. A body has neurotransmitters that can carry messages in the body. The body can carry responses and messages to different parts of the body, most of which is dependent on how your body reacts and the signals that your body gets.

If you are someone who consumes more than the moderate level of Alcohol. It leaves the neurotransmitters in a very compromising position. This also affects the behavior of a person which also affects the response pattern and the response time of a person.

This also affects the sex life of a person as the sexual behavior of a person reaches an unconstrained level.

Things that an Alcohol can make you do which you would never do when you are sober:

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  1. Having Sex with a wrong and Unsuitable person:

    This can leave people kissing the wrong person or getting laid with the wrong person. This is one of the major repercussions of consuming Alcohol. It works by diminishing the conscience of a person which makes a person fail on what is wrong and what is right at any moment in time. When a person hooks up with the wrong person, It can cause some sexually transmitted diseases such as Gonorrhea and AIDS.

  2. Breaking the relationship and trust:

    When the cognitive and moral conscience of a person keeps on getting drained, there are people who get into such external affairs that include sexual sessions even when you are already dating someone. Having sex with the wrong person brings infidelity and deceit and makes the person break the trust of a trustee.  This can lead to self-destruction. A single wrong decision at the wrong time can lead to some relationships ending which can provide a person with affected sex life.

  3. People going through unwanted pregnancy:

    There is a group of people called morning pill makers that makes a person love alcohol the most. When the content of alcohol is high in the body of a person, a person ends up feeling impulsive and has less creed left in him which leads to unwanted pregnancy. There are people who end up buying morning pills just because people consume alcohol. Taking morning pills keeps a person from ovulation and has the presence of synthesized hormones in them.

    This can lead to pregnancy. Also, the presence of synthesized hormones has the ability to enter the systematic circulation of a person which can help in creating an imbalance in the sex hormone of a person. The imbalance in the hormone lasts for up to a few days and gets back on track once the effect of the drug is subsided. There are many pieces of evidence that are enough to show that people having hormonal imbalance can affect the sex life of a person.

  4. Increase in the rate of abortion:

    People taking Alcohol technically sway the brain away from them. This makes the brain feel fuddled up and keeps a person from taking any preventive measures before having sex. When the state of the brain is unconscious, women can end up forgetting to take their morning pills or any other contraceptive for that matter. This leads a woman to take some harsh actions at later stages that include aborting a baby.

    There are many countries that have made abortion illegal but going for unwanted pregnancies has also helped in the emergence of a hidden parallel industry that helps people in getting rid of the fetus. There are babies who go through high-level depression which usually happens when a woman tries to handle a baby. The depression, in this case, is highly associated with the tattered lifestyle of a person.

  5. Impotence in men:

    There are two types of people when it comes to consuming alcohol. The first half of people consider alcohol causing them to have an increase in sex life and there are other groups of people who are known to believe that alcohol can kill the sexual desire of a person. This usually happens because a person is tired. There are people who actually talk about the role of alcohol in the body of a man.

    There are people who believe that having a high level of alcohol in the bloodstream kills the sex transmitters in the blood which slows down the sexual response in a person. It can work by contracting the blood vessels which leads to small arteries. This enables less blood to reach the penis of a man thus disabling proper sex. If you are someone whose sex life is taking a toll on them due to the alcohol intake, you must take necessary measures to stop the intake of Alcohol.

  6. Problems with Orgasms:

    Because there is a constant interference of alcohol in the bloodstream of a person, it can lead to the brain and the genitals interfering with each other and reducing the communication between a brain and the sex organs of a man. There are men who find it very hard to cum and the same goes for women. There are women who find it hard to get their orgasm as they get a feeling of less intensity as soon as they start drinking.

  7. Affecting the Fertility of a person:

    Consuming Alcohol can affect the production of sperm in the body of a man which can help in reducing fertility in a man. There are women who end up drinking heavily and can even make them ovulate less. This can cause infertility in a person.

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Sexual Behavior and the Role of Alcohol

Alcohol has a tendency to lower the inhibitions of a man. This can make a person feel more confident and can end up making a person feel sexually attracted to a person even if there is a slight liking for the other person. Apart from that, Alcohol affects the judgment of a man and keeps him from controlling his brain.

This usually ends up people doing something that they will regret later. People end up sleeping with people who they would not sleep with normally. It becomes very hard for a person to say no and end up pressuring people. You can end up in unprotected sex which you would not go for normally.

Alcohol, sex, and law

If a person tries to have sex with someone who is drunk, then it is against the law.

This is because alcohol can cloud the consent of a person and a person does not have full consent over any kind of intimacy if:

  1. If a person is drugged and is not capable of consenting over it
  2. If a person is sleeping and not in his conscience
  3. If the identity of a person is mistaken for someone else

If any of this is true then a person can get the prison sentence and can get registered in a book of sex offenders.

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