What is triggered leg pain & How do manage the same?

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Leg cramps are a situation in which leg muscles become painful and tight. It happens in the calf muscles and influences any part of the thighs and feet. You might feel tenderness and pain in the leg for many hours. Leg cramps are a symptom of serious health conditions and secondary leg cramps. The causes are exercise, pregnancy, the use of statins, and liver issues. At the time of cramp, the muscles contract resulting in pain. It is called spasm and can’t be managed affected muscle. The cramp happens few seconds to 10 mins.

What leg does cramp feel?

You will experience contracted, tightened, and clenched muscles. It is painful and quite uncomfortable. The muscles get hurt for several hours.

When to seek a doctor?

You must speak to the doctor if the muscle cramps are influencing your life quality. It can also interfere with your sleep. The doctor will monitor the legs and feet. He will also question you if you have swelling or numbness which is the sign of secondary leg cramps. He will also advise you to take blood and urine tests.

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Treatment of leg cramps

Most incidences of leg cramps can be managed by exercise. The exercise will decrease the episodes of cramping. You can do stretching exercises for your legs and feet. Medicines like pain o Soma will help to reduce the pain.

If you are detected with secondary leg syndrome then ask the doctor to address the problem. Leg cramps also happen in pregnancy. Treating cramps in case of a liver problem is quite tough. The thing is to take muscle relaxants.

Prevention of leg cramps

If you gave leg cramps then regular exercise and stretching will support to reduce the pain. You must do extending of calf muscles before going to bed.

You can lie down on the back and point the toes upwards. The soles will be propped up in a specific position. Keep the blankets loose. You can also massage and apply the pack of ice or hot water. You can use a heating pad.

Causes of leg cramps

The causes are stress, blood supply restriction, involuntary nerve discharges, and high-intensity exercise. The key causes of leg cramps are sitting for a long time, standing or working on the floor, overusing muscles, and sitting for a long time. Leg cramps are also the result of numbness, a broken bone, fainting, and nausea. You can take pain O Soma 350mg.

What tablets cause leg cramps?

You must go to the doctor and he will give you pain killer and muscle relaxants. Also, tell the doctor about the side effects of medicines. The medicines can also lead to leg cramps. These medicines are diuretics, statins, Pregabalin, gabapentin, naproxen and clonazepam.

Other problems leading to leg cramps

There are other conditions like alcohol and dehydration that lead to leg cramps. Leg cramps can be the symptom of severe conditions:

  • Cardiovascular disorder- The cardiac issues as a result of blood clots. The narrowing or blockage of arteries can also lead to cardiac disease.
  • Diabetes- Diabetes prevents the body to use energy from the consumed food.
  • Liver cirrhosis- liver scarring
  • Hypokalemia- Low level of potassium.
  • Flat feet
  • Kidney failure- The disorder in which both the kidney don’t work.
  • Parkinson’s disease- a neurological movement disorder
  • Osteoarthritis- It is the cartilage corrosion that protects the bones.
  • Peripheral artery disease- narrowing of arteries.

The cancer treatment can also result in nerve damage and cause leg cramps.

How leg cramps are diagnosed?

The specialist will ask you about the history, medicines, and description. You can say the marks that you are feeling. You must tell him when the leg cramps started and how you feel.

Also, tell him if you do exercise and other signs. He will also check the pulses, and physical sensation, and test leg strength and tendon reflexes. There are various urine and blood tests that must be performed for thmuse diagnosis of leg cramps.

If you want to get rid of leg cramps then you can take pain o soma 500mg. You must also do regular exercise. There are no such injections that can help to get relief from pain. You can do the below-mentioned steps to overcome leg pain

  • Stretch- Make your legs straight and pull the toes to the shin.
  • Massage- use the roller to massage leg muscles
  • Stand- You can press the feet
  • Walk on the floor
  • Smear heat- You can utilize a heating pad
  • Cold application- take the ice and apply it to the affected area
  • Pain killers- The medicines will help to get rid of the pain
  • Elevate- Prop your leg

How do decrease the risk of leg cramps?

You must stay hydrated by taking 8 glasses of water. Don’t take caffeine and alcohol. Also, sleep for 8 hours. The pillows can be used to point the toes upwards. You must wear shoes according to your fit. Do leg exercises and stretch the legs.

You can prevent pain by standing one meter away from the wall. Move frontward and touch the fence with your arms. You can count five and repeat it three times. You must also order vitamins and medicines from smartfinil. The position of sleep must be in the right manner.

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