What are Nootropics? and do they actually work?        

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Are you looking for a pill that can make you smarter

Nootropics also known as smart pills, are pills that are said to improve cognitive function in normal people. Cognitive function refers to  mental processes involved in taking in, storing, selecting, transforming l, developing and retrieving information. For example thought, memory, perception and  imagination. Some Nootropics are used for medicinal purposes in treating cognitive shortcomings. For example, Warklet 150mg and other forms of modafinil are used in the treatment of narcolepsy and other sleeping disorders. Addarell on the other hand, is used to treat Attention hyper-activity disorder (ADHD).

Do Nootropics work in healthy people? if yes do they have any side effects?

You would be surprised by the number of healthy people that take nootropics, in an attempt to improve there cognitive functions. The global nootropics market was valued at 1.96 Billion United States dollars (USD) in 2018 and is expected to reach 5.32 Billion (USD) in 2026. Demographics like these indicate the increase in the demand for nootropics, and a large percentage of this demand is made up of healthy people. Healthy College students for instance, are known to take Addarell hoping it might improve their attention and consequently learn more. To understand the effects of  Addarell on normal people, this text refers to an approved study by Universities of Brown and Rhodes Island. The results of the test where based on the change.
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The neurocognitive, mood and autonomic functions of normal people.

Neurocognitive functions are cognitive functions closely linked to specific  neural pathways for example reasoning. The findings of the experiment with regard to neurocognitive function where mixed. It was discovered that Addarell improved attention performance. However, it impaired working memory, a mechanism through which one temporarily stores and manages information required to carryout out complex tasks, enabling us not to lose track of what we are doing. Furthermore, Addarell has both short and long-term side effects.

Some short term side effects include:

loss of appetite, heart palpitations, mood swings and anxiety. In the long term, you likely to experience memory impairment, fatigue, irritability and psychosis among other effects.

Autonomic functions are bodily process that occur involuntarily, for example heartbeat, blood flow, respiration and digestion. with respect to autonomic function, the findings where that   

Addarell induces an increase in activity of the autonomic nervous system which is also known as autonomic activation. Autonomic activation is  characterized by an increase in heart rate, constricted blood vessels, Increase in blood pressure and many more. Addarell works by altering the activity of neurotransmitters like dopamine. Dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters that help in the increase of energy levels, creating emotions of pleasure and stimulating the brain. Because addarell disrupts the re-absorption of dopamine, the neurotransmitter accumulates. consequently, the brain  produces less dopamine and when addarell is exhausted, there is a drop in the levels of dopamine which leads to depression and other mood related problems. 

How to tack Armodafinil For healthy people

Armodafinil is another nootropic that is taken by healthy people hoping it might enhance there cognitive abilities. Amordafinil is an Isomer of modafinil, meaning it has the same atoms as modafinil, but they are arranged in different ways. Depending on the country modafinil is sold under different, However in some countries it’s sold under more than one brand for example in India, it’s sold waklert, Acronite and R-modawake. These   brand names include which are  Armoda, Armod, Artvigil, Neoresotyle, Nuvigil, Modavital and Nodement. Research by the Harvard and Oxford University medical schools, found  that modafinil can be used to enhance cognative abilities  in healthy people.

The research found that modafinil improved decision- making, planning and in some, reason as well as combination of information. Surprisingly the research did not mention any side effects, this was because the research was based on a single dose. Just like any other drug, when Amodafinil is taken unreasonably it can cause dizziness, headache, nausea and many other problems. In a nutshell, Nootropics are most likely to produce mixed results both good and bad some more good than bad some vice.

 For that reason it’s advised to engage a medical practitioner before you start taking any of these pills, so they may guide on how to get more of the desired effect and minimize the undesired results. But if you are the type that likes to keep it safe you are probably wondering if there are safer options to smart drugs.
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Healthier alternatives to Nootropics

Caffeine is an Alkaloid naturally found in coffee and other plants and acts as boost on the central nervous system. Caffeine’s chemical structure is similar to that of adenosine, a compound that signals the brain to sleep. Adenosine builds up the longer you stay awake, and  when it does it bonds with its receptor on brain cells slowing them down and making you feel tired and sleepy. When Caffeine is taken in it finds its way to the brain, and since adenosine and caffeine a similar in structure the adenosine receptor binds with the caffeine and since caffeine does not send any sleeping signals there’s nothing signaling the brain to slow down or that you are tired.

If taken in moderate quantities (maximum of 400 mg per day), caffeine can reduce the chances of having diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and cardiovascular disease. Caffeine makes you feel a little bit anxious but has got no health effects if taken in the right quantities. However, the body responds to the effects of caffeine by  synthesising more adenosine  receptors increasing the chances of the circulating adenosine of binding with the receptors. The second response by the body, is to produce more adenosine. The increase in both adenosine and adenosine receptors overrides the effects of caffeine creating what is called a tolerance. For this reason, one will have to increase the amount of coffee they take in order to feel the usual effects.

Building a tolerance takes about 5 to 12 days. You can work off the caffeine tolerance by minimizing intake or not taking it at all for a minimum of 10 days. B vitamins are a also good alternative to Smartfinil. They are a class of eight water- soluble vitamins that help in cell metabolism and synthesis of red blood cells. Pyridoxine, also known as Vitamin B6 which is important in the synthesis of neurotransmitters. There are different types of neurotransmitters and each of them has a different effect on one brain. For example, serotonin, a transmitter that shields the human brain from irritations like anxiety and depression. It stimulates  arousal and emotion by stimulating neurotransmission in the post- synaptic neuron. In a nutshell more serotonin leads to increase in arousal and positive emotion.


Acetylcholine is another neurotransmitter synthesised by vitamin B6. It improves the performance of multiple cortical neurons causing suppression of membrane potasium Currents and there by causing depolarization and suppression of adaptation which will lead to an Improvement  in memory. B vitamins are a found in meat, eggs, seafood, leafy greens, cereal, nutritional yeast and other fortfied foods. Other Healthier alternatives to Nootropics include, Rhodiola, Maca and Nuts. 

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