How Long Does It Take Generic Lyrica To Get Out Of Your System

How Long Does It Take Generic Lyrica To Get Out Of Your System
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Generic Lyrica is an anti-epileptic drug that may show its side effects and presence in your body even after withdrawal. It is an effective and widely recognized prescription medicine for treating the chronic nerve disease, seizures, muscle pain, Fibromyalgia and is a great solution for diabetic neuropathy.

Generic Lyrica is responsible for the treatment of major and minor chronic conditions and is absolutely safe for consumption on advice of an expert medical professional. However, it cannot be denied that this prescription drug also comes with its fair share of certain side effects and risks.

It is a medicine of abuse because of its elements hence everyone should educate themselves on Generic Lyrica and how long it can stay within the human body. Drug tests can help indicate the presence of its most active ingredient called Pregabalin in the patient’s body. Purchase Lyrica from reliable pharmacies online such as Smartfinil that sell Generic Lyrica at the most reasonable rates.

How Long can Lyrica show up in Lab Tests?

Presence of Pregabalin in the form of Lyrica in one’s body can be easily detected with the help of accurate and reliable lab tests. However, how long this medicine can continue showing up in lab tests (aimed at its detection) is a point of argument. The duration of the presence of Lyrica in body may differ from one to the other.

There are various factors such as:

Duration of its use, dose and frequency: Patients who seem to have consumed Generic Lyrica for a longer time may show its presence in their body on lab tests for a much longer time compared to the ones who have limited its use in terms of duration and dosage.

Metabolic conditions: Patients with the presence of a faster metabolic process within their body will find its movement at faster pace and can get out fast through their system. Here, the weight of the body can also affect results.

Health condition and age: Detoxification of drugs can work faster in a healthy body and in older age the same process of detoxification from the body can be slowed down. Health of kidney and liver plays a very crucial role in this process.


Pregabalin, an active substance commonly found in Generic Lyrica can be extremely bad for the liver and in rare cases, it may lead to liver injury. In some cases, it can leave mild effects but the symptoms of any injury to the liver can start showing up as soon as 3 days- 2 weeks.

Patients may also see certain changes in their mental health which may get worse if treatment is delayed. Pregabalin is usually prescribed by top doctors for treatment of multiple neurological disorders. However, this active agent present in Lyrica may also cause heart stroke in severe cases of its overdose.

How long can Lyrica stay in the Urine?

Urine tests for detection of Generic Lyrica can be performed easily. These tests, when done by a reliable medical professional, show the most accurate results. Urine tests can show presence of Lyrica’s elements in body even after 5-6 days since the last time you consumed this medicine.

How long can Lyrica stay up in hair follicle tests?

Presence of Lyrica and its elements can show up in hair  follicles for more than three months since the last time of its consumption. It should be noted that inspire of the duration of its long presence, most of the drug tests do not rely on hair sampling for the  most accurate result. Reason is the inaccuracy of hair tests and its invasive nature (since they are plucked or cut). However, hair tests can be done simultaneously with other detection tests for the presence of this drug.

How long can Lyrica be detected in blood tests?

With a half-life of almost 6 hours, Lyrica can be detected in the body through a simple and inexpensive  blood test for anything up to 30 hours (or even more). After the last time of its consumption, it stands detectable for the next 2 days or so. Certain factors like body metabolism and age can affect the duration.

How long can Lyrica show up in tests for Saliva?

In duration of 48 hours, Lyrica should be able to leave the saliva region in a body. Law enforcement agencies frequently administer these examinations.

How long can Lyrica continue to impact the body?

Generic Lyrica is a kind of medicine that is consumed orally and the brain can be affected by in 30 minutes after its use. It takes almost a week for this medication to be injected with effect in your system and start working for the treatment of seizures, Nerve pain and various other ailments. Dizziness and sleepiness are some of the most common side effects of this medicine.

Symptoms of withdrawal are anxiety, tremor, changes in mood, confusion of the mind, restless mind and body, pain in chest, etc. The duration for withdrawal can be extremely tough and may take 1 week or even longer to start moving out from the mind and body.

Is it possible to get Lyrica out from the system quickly?

What is Generic Lyrica?Detoxification from a medicine like Generic Lyrica can be extremely challenging and slow. Even though the market is filled with multiple solutions, medications and kits supporting its quick detoxification; in reality, the overall process is slow. In fact such detoxing kits that claim to be smart can actually turn out to be risky for your overall health and may not be effective at all.

If you are thinking about stopping the use of Generic Lyrica, consulting an expert medical professional is the first step towards its withdrawal. Gradually decreasing the dose can help ease out the withdrawal symptoms. Your body needs to undergo the process of withdrawal at its natural pace and this is the safest way to move it out of your system without affecting your body much.

Detoxification of a substance like Generic Lyrica can be done at a medical facility with much ease and safely. Patients are monitored closely and suggested medicines for fighting off the severe symptoms caused from the process of its withdrawal. Therapies like DBT or Dialectical Behavior therapy can also help patients deal with behavioral and emotional challenges.

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