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Anti Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathic Pain


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About Generic Lyrica

  • Lyrica generic is a medication that is allowable for intake in specific groups of patients suffering from pain caused due to nerve damage. Yes, neuropathic pain can be caused due to damage caused to the nerves from severe diabetes or more specifically type-2 diabetes, shingles which is also known as herpes zoster infection. Neural pain can also be caused due to injuries to the spinal cord.
  • People suffering from fibromyalgia cause the muscles and tissue cells to become stiff and weak almost to the paralysis stage something that Generic Lyrica can also help cure.
  • The class of medicines to which Lyrica belongs is known as the anti-epileptic group of medications. In combination with other more specific medicines, it can also help cure seizures. Additionally using the drug might help cure symptoms of anxiety disorder. 
  • This is a prescription pill and to use the medicines you got to first get written approval from a doctor. being a prescription pill you will not be able to avail yourself of the pills until you carry the doctor’s prescription to the medicine shop or upload it at the time of buying from an online portal.
  • Remember that overdosing on the drug can cause serious problems although we will discuss more on this topic in the later sections.
  • There are also some side effects linked to overdosing on this medicine. Although the medicines do not have any tendency for habit formation you should adhere to caution and avoid taking an overdose or missing out frequently on your doses.
  • And also remember the fact that this medicine might take some time to become effective such as around a week. During this time you might not see the effects to be of full potential.
  • In this article, we are going to speak about Lyrica generic but you will find that there are many doses of specific varieties of this medicine.

Things to Know Before Using the Generic medicine for Lyrica

  • Ideally, there are a few things that you must know about the use of Lyrica generic pills. If you are currently pregnant, breastfeeding your infant, or have increasing tendencies of alcohol and drug addiction then such information needs to be immediately shared with the doctor before you are subscribed to a regular dose of Lyrica generic.
  • The generic substance within the pills is Pregabalin which belongs to the chemical class of cyclic GABA analogs. The therapeutic class of medicines is the neuro CNS as it has this stimulating effect on your nervous system to be effective and bring relief from the symptoms.
  • Of course, your first and most important priority is to understand in detail the ideal dose and the frequency in which you need to keep taking the medicines.
  • To be exact, this will depend on the type of disorder you are suffering from including the severity levels of neuropathic pain and how much your body can cope with the actions of Generic Lyrica 75Mg.

What is the consumption procedure of Generic Lyrica Capsule?

  • Generally, the doctor will identify the exact type of disorder you are suffering from and the severity levels first. Then there is also the factor of identifying how much your body can cope up to the levels of generic Pregabalin. Based on this the doctor will most certainly ask you to go on a regular dose of specific strength and a dose of generic Lyrica.

Likely Occurrence when a Dose is not used

  • Well in the circumstance when you take a higher dose of generic Pregabalin containing Lyrical pills then you can surely expect the aftermath to be not very good for you.
  • The pain and discomfort caused by the side effects or should we say the severity levels of the side effects will rather depend on how much compatible your body is to deal with the excess generic Pregabalin.
  • Sometimes mild effects can occur but on other occasions, you may suffer from severe side effects that may lead you to suffer from severe pain and discomfort that may even worsen to the level of needing immediate medical attention.
  • Missing out on a dose night does not cause any big noticeable changes. But if you keep missing out on doses then this will result in an inappropriate amount of generic Lyrica in your blood and therefore it will not have as much desired effect on curing neuropathic pain.
  • When you have not used a dose, for example, you have forgotten to take a dose then you can still take it provided there are more than 10 hours to go for the next dose.  This is the minimum time interval for you to be safe from overdosage which will most likely lead to side effects.
  • But in general, the best way to remain free from side effects is to take a pill every 24 hours. Avoid taking in the missed dose if there is less time remaining than 10 hours for your next dose.

 Things to expect when I use Overdose

  • There are a few things that are under your control to and you better avoid them to avoid the problems of severe side effects. These two substances are alcohol and drugs. Remember that ideally, one should avoid some medicines as well. Some brands of medicines that have contraindication effects include Alprazolam, Chlordiazepoxide, Clobazam, Clonazepam, and others.
  • The best way to identify whether any of your existing drugs have contraindicating tendencies with generic Pregabalin Lyrica is to carry all your ongoing pills to the doctor and let them find out the same. 

 Other Causes of the medicine

  • As we told you above Neuropathic Pain is the major problem that you can use the generic Lyrica pills. But apart from this, you will also find its use incurring shingles and herpes zoster infection which are slight variations in disorders but mostly with the same effects that are neural pain.
  • It is also helpful in fighting off anxiety and curing anxiety disorder.
  • Apart from this being from the anti-epileptic group of medications you can use these pills for curing epilepsy attacks or seizures too.

  Frequently occurring causes:

  • The more frequent use of the medicine is done for curing neuropathic pain. Being from the anti-epileptic group of pills its major use is also done to prevent and check the severe tendencies of epilepsy and seizures and in curing anxiety disorder as well. You can also find substantial use in curing fibromyalgia.

Relationship with Other Drugs

  • There are some other generic medicinal substances like Alprazolam, Chlordiazepoxide, Clobazam, and Clonazepam among other medicines that may interact with the drugs.
  • Generally, if you are using any medicine for curing other neural disorders, epilepsy, shingles, seizures, or curing psychological disorders curing pills such as anti-stress and anti-anxiety medications make sure to inform the doctor.

Quick Realities on This Medication

  • You must find the doctor’s prescription to find answers to all your doubts. Even after having a look at the prescription if you are still having doubts then you may as well consult the doctor over the phone or by visiting them to find out the missing links to information in your mind.
  • This pill induces sleepiness, drowsiness, and hallucinations. Even these are also the most common side effects having contraindications.
  • The more severe side effects of using this medicine are suicidal thoughts, depression, sudden mood changes, or blurred vision. If you experience any of these side effects then immediately call the doctor.

Can Generic Lyrica be taken on an empty stomach?

  • Yes, it can be taken on an empty stomach. Both choices are available to the customers that is they may have the pills on a filled stomach or an empty stomach depending on what suits them the most.

 Prescribed Dose of the Medication

  • The prescribed dose of the medication is likely to vary based on the type of medication and the severity level of the disorder.

  It treats diabetic patients

  • Diabetes is a disorder that can make you suffer from neural pain, especially in severe cases of diabetes. Type-2 diabetes can cause neuropathic pain and generic Lyrica can be used successfully for curing such problems although only temporarily.

It treats patients with postherpetic neuralgia

  • Neuralgia or neural pain is the primary use of generic Lyrica for curing the problem. It helps you in fighting neural pain.

It treats neuropathic pain connected to the medulla spinalis

  • It is also helpful in curing neuropathic pain when you are suffering from injuries or damage to the spinal cord.

It treats convulsion

  • Patients suffering from convulsions, and epilepsy can find generic Lyrica to be quite useful for curing it.    

It treats patients with chronic pain in the muscles and tendon

  • Pain in the tissues, muscles, and tendons can also be reduced with the use of generic Lyrica as it is mostly a pain relief medication. It blocks off the pain signals that are generated from the tissues and does not let them transmit to the brain via the connected nerves.

Forms of the Medication Available

  • There is only one form of the medicine of generic Lyrica that is available in the US and other countries And that is the orally swallowing type of medicine. But as we have already told you above that the medicine does have different dose variants that begin from the smallest dose of 25 mg and then increase gradually into 7 other doses that are 50 mg, 75 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, 200mg, 250mg and the highest dose of 300mg. 

Ways of Storing the Medication

  • As such this medicine can be stored in the conditions of normal room temperature only. Just maintaining a temperature of lower than 30 degrees with lower humidity levels is more than enough.  

How Generic Lyrica works

Generic Lyrica is worked by inhibiting the pain sensations emitted from the brain. It actually blocks off the working or slows down the impulse generating activity in the pain generation areas of the brain and therefore gives relief to the patient.


  • Some of the general precautions that patients are to adhere to at all times include not changing the dose, avoiding an overdose, avoiding intake of any contraindicating substances whether general or medicinal varieties or brands, ensuring timings between two successive doses are being maintained, and avoiding a missed dose instance.
  • In general, having alcohol or narcotic drugs may severely increase the chances of suffering from side effects. Avoid using the drug for any other purposes of curing neural pain than the ones mentioned above.
  • Also, try and stay at home or in a safe place and do not indulge in any activity that needs focus and concentration as hallucinations, drowsiness, and dizziness are among the common symptoms.

How to Store Generic Lyrica?

  • To store generic Lyrica you should keep it in a nice cold place but avoid freeing the pills and preferably avoid storing the medicines in the refrigerator. In any case, the temperature must not go on the higher side of 30 degrees Celsius with the humidity also preferably normal to being low or nil.


  • General contraindications of Lyrica generic Pregabalin with a few substances mean that you have to avoid such medicines or general substances completely. There come to your addictive tendencies such as alcohol, and narcotic drugs under this variety, and both of them have contraindications.
  • Some pills that have interactive effects with generic Lyrica include Alprazolam, Chlordiazepoxide, Clobazam, and Clonazepam among others.
  • All contraindication substances will lead to sedation of the patient and this, in turn, will increase the tendencies of side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, sleepiness, and hallucinations.

 Result of Substance Abuse

  • There are no habit-forming tendencies with generic Pregabalin Or Lyrica. This may come as somewhat of a relief for the patients.
  • But there is a likelihood of suffering from withdrawal effects if you suddenly stop the use of the medicines without consulting the doctor. Ideally, one should gradually lower the doses and stop taking them over some time to avoid the withdrawal side effects.

 Temporary Outcomes

  • The temporary outcomes will come as upbringing relief from pain. The actions of the pills will take some time and generic Lyrica may take over a week to become fully effective or for you to realize the full effects of this medication.


As we have already told you above in the prescription section the basic things that you need to be cautious about include monitoring your daily administration of a dose and ensuring that it is beyond right as per the intended dose on what has been given in the prescription.

Avoiding intake of contraindication substances as this will generate side effects. Avoiding missed doses as this will only make the treatment more inconsistent and not allow the full working potential of generic Lyrica thereby bringing back neuropathic pain once again.


This is a skin infection that may be caused due to sensitivity to various substances such as pollen, dander, venom, food substances, etc. Edema’s rapid form of this skin infection is a possible side effect of misusing generic Lyrica.

Breastfeeding and Gestation

All patients who are currently under their gestation period or are breastfeeding their infant should adhere to caution and generally avoid intake without consultation and approval from a doctor.

Methods in which the Drug treats neuropathy or epilepsy

The drug works upon those areas of the brain that control the release of pain signals and lower their working activity, in turn, to bring relief from painful sensations.

Should I take alcohol with this medicine?

No, we have repeatedly and throughout this article at various points let you know about the harmful factors of having alcohol and generic Pregabalin Lyrica at the same time.

Despite this, if you do not pay attention to the cautions then you are simply at your own risk.

Generic Lyrica with Food and Alcohol

As such, there is no general restriction to your diet and you can take in all the food items just like on a normal or your ongoing diet. But the same is not so with alcohol. Ideally one has to get over their addictive tendencies to alcohol to avoid any chances of suffering from side effects. At least if this is not the case the patient must try to significantly lower the consumption of alcohol.

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