Foods For Erectile Dysfunction

Foods For Erectile Dysfunction
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What Foods Helps During Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Lifestyle, diet and home remedies that help people for treating Erectile dysfunction. If you are someone who has been avoiding medicines, external devices, and surgery, etc, you should try these natural ways to help and cure your Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Increasing your daily level of activity can help people in making a difference in their health.
  • There are some men who try and look for some alternative ways to cure their Erectile Dysfunction.
  • It is very important to share your plans with your doctor even if you are not going to take medicine for this medical condition.

Foods and Diet-related changes that can help in reducing the risk of Erectile Dysfunction

There are many types of research that show that what you eat actually defines your health and can actually change the way your Erectile Dysfunction looks.

Foods and Diet related changes to reduce Erectile Dysfunction

The following are the food items that can help you in lowering the risk of Erectile Dysfunction. They are listed below:

  1. Fish
  2. Fruits
  3. Whole Grains
  4. Vegetables

Some studies show that if you eat specific food such as pistachios, watermelon, dark chocolate, tomatoes, pink grapefruit, etc can help you in reducing these symptoms.

If you are someone who is chronic to Vitamin B12 deficiency then you should go and include more processed meat in your diet along with some refined grains that will most likely keep you from developing Erectile Dysfunction.

Risk of Erectile Dysfunction and Working out

  • There are studies that show that if you work out you are most likely to show some vigorous to moderate physical activity that can help you in improving your Erectile Dysfunction.
  • If you are someone who has a sedentary lifestyle, you should try and walk. This is something that can be included in your day to day routine and has results to show about 41% improvement in the risk for causing Erectile Dysfunction.
  • This happens even if you include a minimum of 30 minutes of walking into your day today. If you have any history of heart disease or any other medical condition, then the advantage of working out may not be that great for you.
  • Working out can have its own external risks associated with it if people tend to have some external disease.
  • It is advised to talk to your doctor and tell them about the extent of your physical activities that you are planning to get into in order to incorporate a daily healthy routine.

Erectile Dysfunction and Counselling

  • People who visit a counselor actually end up feeling a lot better which ultimately helps them in improving their Erectile Dysfunction.
  • It is beneficial to get your partner along with you as you two can discuss the ways in which your partner can help and encourage you to perform better.
  • If you are someone who does not know how to look for counseling, go and speak to your general physician about it. He will recommend you to the doctor.

Alternative Supplements – For treating Erectile Dysfunction

  • There are men who look forward to having some external alternative medicine that can help them in treating their Erectile Dysfunction.
  • It is again important to tell your doctor about the supplement that you are going to take as there can be interactions associated with it that can be very dangerous.
  • This is true if you are someone who has other medical conditions and takes other medicines for them.

Do not go for drugs that sound anything like Herbal Viagra:

  • There is a warning generated by the FDA against the drugs that are labeled as Herbal Viagra.
  • These drugs should not be taken in place of Viagra as they are nothing like the drug Viagra that is available out there in the market.
  • This drug does not have Sildenafil Citrate in it and can cause many other additional side effects.

Supplements that are taken by people for Erectile Dysfunction are listed below:

  1. Ginkgo
  2. Zinc
  3. Horny Goat Weed
  4. Dehydroepiandrosterone
  5. Ginseng
  6. L-arginine
  7. Yohimbe
  8. Propionyl-L-carnitine

Viagra Medications that are used to treat Erectile Disorder:

Kamagra 100mg (Viagra Pill) Fildena 100mg (Purple Viagra) Cenforce 100mg (Blue Viagra) Silagra 100 (Viagra pill)

Read The Differences:

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Tadalafil Vs Sildenafil

Erectile Dysfunction and how Acupuncture

  • There are some men who report some improvement in their condition of Erectile Dysfunction.
  • This form of medication includes the use of tiny needles that are used to stimulate different points in the body.
  • The result of acupuncture in most of the cases is considered to be much safe and a person ends up feeling a lot better overall if you want to consider the results by acupuncture.

Home Remedies and Lifestyle Changes for Erectile Dysfunction

Home Remedies and Lifestyle Changes for Erectile Dysfunction

Some of the most common lifestyle and home remedies that should be followed by Erectile Dysfunction include:

  • Start losing weight: If you are obese, it is very common for you to face Erectile Dysfunction. Any man with a waist over 42 inches has 50% more probability of developing Erectile Dysfunction in comparison to a man who has a waist of 32-inch size. Including a healthy diet and eating right are the two things that will help a man in losing weight in the most healthy way.
  • Stop Smoking: Tobacco is an increasing factor for a man to get Erectile Dysfunction. If you are someone who wants to quit, your health will improve a lot which will also reduce your risk of Erectile Dysfunction to a great extent. There are different kinds of methods used by people to quit smoking. Ask your doctor for the most effective one.
  • Start with performing floor exercise: Start by straightening your muscles present in the pelvis. This helps a person in reducing the symptoms of urinary incontinence. There are some cases where a man has known to see some improvement in their condition of Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Reduce the intake of Alcohol: if you are someone who is a lot into taking drugs and drinking. You are most likely to develop Erectile Dysfunction. Drinking in moderation is the first step towards decreasing the symptoms of ED.
    Alcohol Affecting Sex Life
  • Improve your sleep cycle: The amount of sleep that you get on a daily basis affects the level of testosterone that is produced in your body. Getting proper sleep and rest helps a person in improving their overall sex life.
  • Have good oral hygiene: Gum infection is something that is associated with men getting their erection. Keep your oral hygiene in check and start with brushing your teeth twice a day. This will ensure your gums to be healthy. People should also get used to the annual dental check-up.
  • Lowering the dose of your medicine: If you are facing Erectile dysfunction because of the intake of certain medications, you should start with lowering your dosage or maybe switching the drug in the first place.
    How To Pick Your Erectile Dysfunction Medication
  • Reduce the level of stress: It is a well-known factor that Erectile Dysfunction is majorly associated with stress. If you will start with yoga, working out and exercising on a daily basis, it will help in keeping in ED at bay.

Try to look for support at the time of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Having a good support system is a major key to cure Erectile Dysfunction. If you have a partner who you are talking to about it, then it can be considered to be a good start.
  • There are many psychological factors that challenge a man in performing nicely in bed, a professional will help a man in addressing these issues.

Medications To Solve Erection Problem:

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