Modafinil- A new, sleep substitute drug?

Modafinil- A new, sleep substitute drug?
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Modafinil substitute drug

We often face situations where we have to complete our work overnight. The lack of sleep leads to lots of problems such as crankiness, forgetfulness, and distractions. Not being fond of coffee may even cause greater problems. Modafinil may be a problem-solving pill in such situations.

Today’s generation doesn’t consider sleep as important as it was before. Earlier concepts demanded to have a decent eight-hour sleep after a long, hard and tiring day but now the concepts have totally changed. Modern society has a different approach to work. It’s like a person is not working enough if he or she doesn’t lose their sleep over it. And this concept has an effect on your entire body, especially your head.

Sleep deprivation has a very bad impact on our day to day lives. One of the least being grumpiness. The lack of sleep damages the action of neurotransmitter receptors (that enable us to learn and memorize) in the areas of our brain as in the case of the hippocampus. In simple words, we can say that lack of sleep has a very negative impact as it affects neurotransmitters receptors which is the reason for memory and everything related to the brain.

This malfunction may affect the way your brain works and will affect the completion time of your job. The damage is done mainly to the attentiveness and memory required to work. We can conclude that lack of sleep may affect your brain functioning and it will also tend to leave you in a state of laziness. There needs to be something that can prevent you from all the bad brain functioning and laziness.

Now there is a group of drugs called Gregorius used by the people to stay awake in order to complete their work without losing sanity. Eugregorics is a group of drugs that works exactly the way amphetamines work. Eugregorics encourages wakefulness but it does so without causing any side effect, unlike amphetamines. One such drug used by people for wakefulness is Modafinil. This drug called Modafinil is being used against narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that causes excessive sleeping during the daytime.

The huge question that lies here is whether it will be able to fight the effects that come as a result of sleep deprivation in healthy people. Researchers show that it enhances the capability and activity of healthy people during sleep deficit time. In 1998 Stivalet and his colleagues found that the use of this medicine maintained attention all through 60 hours of sleep deprivation. To ensure performance during wars or missions, military personnel make use of Modafinil.

Researchers done by Repantis and his colleagues in 2006 stated that this drug successfully help to enhance brain judgments for the first dosage but after using this drug over and over again for a longer period of time, this drug could only help maintain wakefulness. It is also seen that sleep-deprived people who make use of modafinil also become a victim of overconfidence. By this, they seem to overestimate their brainpower.

We can conclude from above that this drug is effective in the first dose and the effect seems to diminish over time. Also, due to the overconfidence effect, it may not be considered a vital brain enhancer. Military personnel who want to use this in a mission should take the medicine a bit earlier. For all the one-timers who require losing their sleep to get their job done, this clearly is the best way to go.

Modafinil has become quite famous in the pharmaceutical industry of smart drugs, the drug that can assure you an enhancement in your encouragement, memory and an exceptional ability to focus at work for a long stretch of time without feeling any urge to sleep.

If it is not used for the long term, the consumers especially students don’t mind the side effects caused by it. Some people also have a perception that the side effects are way too small as compared to the positive effect produced by it. But the only consideration that lies here is whether this drug has a long term impact on a person or not. A lot of research needs to be done in this area.

A Cambridge university Professor Barbara Sahakian, has done a detailed study on Modafinil, the treatment used for brain development in patients suffering from psychosis. She is quite impressed by the fact that even healthy people make use of this drug and has even co-authored a book on it. Not only does this drug help those students who want to achieve good grades by skipping their sleep schedule but also helps those people who want to get over with a boring assignment or task they have been avoiding for days. This drug acts on several neurotransmitters and has got multiple actions.

This drug directly affects your dopamine system and dopamine tries to increase your consciousness for a given work and makes your work seem more interesting than it actually is. It affects norepinephrine which increases alertness and enables you to focus on your work and also affects histamine which causes you to stay awake and accomplish your task. The most impressive thing about this drug is the fact that it increases the working memory of the individual.

This is the reason why this drug attracts many students for last-minute learning and memorization. Due to its impact on the neurotransmitter known as glutamate, it increases the short term memory by almost 10 percent, which is a considerable percentage.

Many students are attracted by the results it shows and buys this drug without even knowing the consequences of this drug. They don’t know whether it’s contaminated or not neither are they sure about the safety of this medicine. Effects can vary from person to person depending upon the amount of dosage taken by them.

A recent survey by Dr. Nora Volkow and her colleagues according to PET scans shows that the use of 400mg of this drug causes dependency and substance abuse. Also, the prolonged use of this product may totally destroy the sleep schedule of a person.

Some professionals only use it when it’s needed like when they are jetlagged or maybe if they had a bad night’s sleep. But looking at the students, they even tend to take another dose if they feel a little tired after the first dosage.

This may cause a damaging impact on them. Clearly, this drug can be put to better use if people don’t make it a habitual use. One dosage of this medicine may not harm your system but habitual use may do so. We don’t know what impact this drug has on the healthy functioning of the brain in the future years.

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